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Brushes, tubes, frames.. oh my!
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19th-Sep-2006 03:53 am - .PNG transparent image packs - Trees
Fantasy Faery Spike 1
Ooops, long time no post *hangs head*.

 Here's a couple of goodies from me ;¬)

They're images of trees and Tree trunks & roots. I thought they could come in useful for making manips or in backdrops!  

I've saved them as transparent .png's so all you have to do is copy them and paste them into your renders or any other images. 
I haven't softened the edges of the images up as I wasn't sure whether you'd prefer to do that yourselves (or not :¬D ).

Feel free to cut them up, spin them round, shrink them, change the colours etc.... just have fun!

Hopefully they'll be of use to somebody!

I've also posted them to my new community poser_portal If you like 3D art (either creating it or looking at it ) then please drop by.

Have fun :¬)
29th-Apr-2006 02:46 pm - Light textures pack A
blown kisses
Here is my first ever pack of light textures. There are 10 files in the zip, plus the preview image. All in .jpg format.

Credit if you use.

angelicGrace's Icon Light Textures - Pack A

Follow the fake cut to my DA page
25th-Apr-2006 12:29 pm - Really odd request
no angel
I'm trying to attempt my first ever manip (Yeah me :D) anyway the tutorial I'm following requires that you add hair to a image they offer a link to a site that has brushes that look like hair however they are no longer available :( I'm wondering if anyone could direct me in the direction of some hair brushes or a tutorial that shows you how to add hair as all my efforts look like they've been made by a two year old.
I use psp8 if that makes any difference.
22nd-Mar-2006 04:40 am - Art Nouveau style Brushes
Man Squee 01
I've just made a set of Art Nouveau style Brushes.... slightly larger than usual, but they work fine at icon size too :)

10th-Nov-2005 07:30 pm - Japan inspired brushes
Fantasy Faery Spike 1

I was making some Japanese inspired icons and as usual, I got sidetracked into making brushes.... lots and lots of brushes!

So, there are 50 brushes with a vaguely Japanese feel to them behind the cut, and also 16 Symbols brushes, with their meanings (Don't blame me if they're wrong... I only copied them :¬D)

Brushes behind the cut.......Collapse )

13th-Oct-2005 05:19 am - Spooky BtVS Icon/Avatar bases.....
Fantasy Faery Spike 1

More spooky bases, this time taken from BtVS 'caps and posters...

Feel free to use them and abuse them :¬D


Bases behind this cut.....Collapse )

13th-Oct-2005 05:11 am - Firework Icon/Avi bases
Fantasy Faery Spike 1

After Halloween us Brit's have Bonfire night... so here are some firework bases to get the ball rolling...

Read more...Collapse )

Previews shown at 50% actual size....

Download from


12th-Oct-2005 01:12 am - Spooky Icon/Avatar Bases
Fantasy Faery Spike 1

With Halloween just around the corner I thought I'd make some spooky bases for Icons/Avatars...

I've made 2 sets of 20 bases... do with them what you will :¬D


Bases behind the cut...........Collapse )

1st-Sep-2005 06:18 pm - Scrolly, Curly type Avatar Brushes
Spike 01
This set of brushes I'm calling Scrolly/Curly (as the Discworld fans will note, I'm a bit of a 'De Quirm' when it comes to naming things...lol)

There's 20 Brushes in this set....

These brushes are shown at their maximum size, but if anyone wants me to make larger versions of them, please let me know.

Brushes behind the cut.....Collapse )
1st-Sep-2005 06:11 pm - Hearts Brushes... 'Newts second set
Fantasy Faery Spike 1
I've just made another set of 'Heart' brushes.

10 in this set.

Brushes behind the cut.....Collapse )
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